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Planet signatures in transition disks
Wladimir Lyra (California State University, Northridge) R1108
Spherical Dust: Useful or Just Lazy — A Very Informal Perspective
Michael Wolff (Space Science Institute) R1108
Revisiting spiral density wave theory in protoplanetary disks
Wing-Kit Lee (Northwestern University) R1107
Computational Aspects of Stellar Accretion
Rolf Walder (ENS-Lyon, France) R1108
Evolutionary Description of Giant Molecular Cloud Mass Functions on Galactic Disks
Masato Kobayashi (Nagoya University, Japan) R1108
Progress report meeting
CompAS members (ASIAA) R1108
Progress report meeting
CompAS members (ASIAA) R1108
Progress report meeting
CompAS members (ASIAA) R1108
Forming Jupiters and Keeping them Big
Andrew Youdin (University of Arizona) R1108
Progress report meeting
CompAS members (ASIAA) R1108


History of CFD-MHD initiative

CFD-MHD initiative has been a joint research project of the Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASIAA) and the Institute of Mathematics (ASIM) of the Academia Sinica, and the Department of Mathematics of the National Taiwan University. In February 2012, the name of the initiative, CFD-MHD, was changed into CompAS, for Computational Astrophysics.

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Simulations vs Observations(NGC 6782).
The CompAS (formerly CFD-MHD) team is developing a high performance numerical code to study the structure formation in disk galaxies. Numerical simulations have successfully reproduced the spiral arms excited by stellar bars, such as the ones seen in NGC 6782

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