Computational Astrophysical Sciences
Integrated Code Development Initiative for Computational Astrophysical Sciences
CompAS: Towards Next Generation Computational Astrophysics
  • Dedicated project for computational astrophysics at ASIAA since 2001
  • Development of in-house codes with state-of-the-art numerical methods as well as using and improving the community codes remains one of the key objectives
  • Targeted physics regimes range from Newtonian hydrodynamics to relativistic magnetohydrodynamics
  • Dedicated to harnessing new computational architectures
  • Optimized for challenging astrophysical systems requiring innovative and dedicated methodology development
Theory Seminars

2024-06-28 Fri
Shih-Hsien Yu (Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica) R1412
2024-04-26 Fri
Hubble Expansion Beyond ΛCDM in Big Bang Quantum Cosmology
Maurice van Putten (Sejong University, Korea) R1412
2024-03-27 Wed
Modeling Luminous Accretion Flows Around Black Holes
James Stone (Institute for Advanced Study) R1203
2024-03-22 Fri
Dust in Transition Protoplanetary Disks
Susana Lizano (UNAM, Morelia) R1412
2024-02-26 Mon
[Joint LeCosPA-ASIAA Seminar] Cosmology with Massive Neutrinos
Jia Liu (IPMU) R7S1, Cosmology Hall
2023-06-16 Fri
Probing Supermassive Black Holes in M87 and Beyond via Stellar Dynamics
Chung-Pei Ma (UC Berkeley) R1203
2023-01-13 Fri
General-relativistic simulations of black hole magnetospheres and accretion flows
Alexander Philippov (University of Maryland, College Park) R1412