A suite of 2D/3D Godunov codes

Antares(大火程序)is a hydrodynamical solver on an Eulerian grid, written in Fortran. It is a set of 2D/3D Godunov codes based on an exact/approximate Riemann solver. The development focuses on two versions:
  • MHD Cartesian solver in 2D/3D, with self-gravity. Single-level grid. MPI-parallel.
  • HD cylindrical/Cartesian solver in 1D/2D/3D. Multilevel grid with optional nested mesh refinement (NMR). MPI+OpenMP parallel.
Summary of Antares’s Approach:
  • HD/MHD solvers: Exactly Riemann solver, BGK solvers (gas kinematic scheme) for HD/MHD, HLL-type solvers for HD/MHD
  • Poisson solvers: kernel integral methods
  • Coordinates: Cartesian (2D/3D), cylindrical (2D/3D), logarithmic Cartesian (2D)
  • Grid configurations: uniform mesh, Adaptive mesh refinement (Cartesian 2D/3D), Nested mesh refinement (Cartesian/Cylindrical, 2D/3D)
  • Data format: HDF5
  • Parallelization: OpenMP, MPI
  • Boundary conditions: periodic, outgoing, user-defined
Application of the code:
Kelvin-Helmholtz instability (HD)
Kelvin-Helmholtz instability (HD)
Rayleigh-Taylor instability (HD)
Rayleigh-Taylor instability (HD)
Orszag-Tang Vortex (MHD)
Orszag-Tang Vortex (MHD)
Gas distribution simulated for NGC 1097 (HD, Poisson)
Gas distribution simulated for NGC 1097 (HD, Poisson) Lin et al. (2013)
Protoplanetary and circumplanetary disks (HD, NMR)
Protoplanetary and circumplanetary disks (HD, NMR) Wang et al. (2014)
Simulation results of M81
(a) Simulation results of M81; (b) Simulation overlaid with HI image; (c) Observed HI map and kinematics; (d) Simulation (color) overlaid with observed kinematics (black).